We are Forklift manufacturer established by the joint investment of Sumitomo Heavy lndustries, Ltd.and Hyster-Yale Materials Handling Inc. in USA as the world's top-ranked forklift manufacturer.

Supportive Structure

Supportive Structure 1

Supportive Structure 2

Sales and service network valued throughout Japan and Asia

Sales Structure

We advances in Japan and Asia as a member of Hyster-Yale Group

We carry out business operations under the Sumitomo brand name, focusing the Japanese and Asia markets and keeping step with Hyster-Yale Group's global strategy.

[Japan] Our customer support network covers Japan with 44 sales offices and 84 sales agents. With our motto of "Sumitomo Forklift, valued at job sites" and our cooperation between production, sales and service, we always strive to create products and offer services needed by our customers, and to actively make proposals.

[Asian market] We have steadily developed this market using our strengths of Sumitomo brand name power and local distributing agents' activities. We also actively develop products that meet the local market's needs.

  • Test-ride event

    Test-ride event

  • Asia-Pacific market

    Asia market

  • Material Handling & Logistics Exhibition

    Material Handling & Logistics Exhibition

Customer Support

Products valued for their durability ; highly trusted services

Sumitomo NACCO has been expanding its network of customers through its trusted products and services. Our forklifts are developed with the basic principles of durability and safety, which are vital for industrial vehicles. We also take preventative measures through our customer support services, such as maintenance.

In addition, we seek to grow with our customers through our "alliance service": forming alliances with customers to share their challenges and to work together to solve them. Same as our sales division, we have been working to gain trust from local customers through our speedy customer support that is integrated with our production division.

  • Maintenance at customers' place

    Maintenance at customers' place

  • Training by Service engineer staff

    Training by Service engineer staff

  • Manager meeting

    Manager meeting

Corporate culture and feature

Production from the customers' point of view, building on our strength of integrated production and sales management

Our sales and service divisions (sales company), who are close to customers, lead our development, production and quality assurance divisions (manufacturers) in working to rapidly meet customers' needs. We aim to become a company where manufacturers visit customers' sites with sales staff and listen to customers' requests and comments directly.

As our manufacturers and sales company only number 700 employees in total, we place an emphasis on training each and every employee to be able to respond to customers' needs as a representative of our company.

Despite the small size of our company, all of us work together to shine as a bright light for others.

  • Swearing-in cremony of action plan

    Swearing-in cremony of action plan

  • In-house training course

    In-house training course

  • Plant visit of sales staff

    Plant visit of sales staff