We are Forklift manufacturer established by the joint investment of Sumitomo Heavy lndustries, Ltd.and Hyster-Yale Materials Handling Inc. in USA as the world's top-ranked forklift manufacturer.

QuaPro-R 2.0-3.0t QuaPro-R 2.0-3.0t




Smooth manipulation feeling

  • The characteristics of
    travel acceleration

    Materialized the comfortable maneuver in streamlining all aspects of the speed range from low to high.

  • The characteristics
    of travel acceleration

    Improved the maneuverability in low and medium speed range; the modest speed in inching operation like setting a delicate position, quick for an agile start.

  • Inching performance for loading and unloading

    Changed the characteristics for more delicate operation by widening the low-speed range of the lift valve. Also, changed the loading and unloading motor from DC to AC use. The change made both good response and easy inching compatible by optimizing the start control of the motor.

Lowered floor
Reduces fatigue during
getting on and off

(30mm lower than
previous models)

Lowered floor
Reduces fatigue during
getting on and off

“AWC (small turning radius control)

Sumitomo’s patented technology Aisle Width Control (AWC/small turn radius control), making an expert’s possible for anybody. The operator could easily work without frequent swich back.



  • 7-percent energy savings

    Thorough study of the previous model, such as introducing an AC motor for load handling, adding a turning-control function, and improving the hydraulic equipment efficiency, has resulted in 7-percent energy savings.
    *In-company test value using our driving pattern and power-mode 1

  • Operation time increased
    by 30 minutes

    Prolong of approximately 30 minutes in operating time compared to our previous model is realized by reducing power consumption. The energy savings provide benefits in various situations, such as less recharging times and less worries for unexpected additional work.



  • Turning speed control

    The torque of the drive motor is controlled according to the amount of steering operation.
    As a result, dangerous speed is controlled while the forklift is turning, reducing the possibility of hazardous events such as a tip-over.
    In addition, unnecessary acceleration is prevented, this contributes to energy saving.
    The control is optimized according to the amount of steering operation, therefore operability is not sacrificed.

  • Slope speed limiter

    The slope speed limiter, which controls unwanted acceleration on down-slopes, is standard equipment. The control records the speed when the accelerator pedal is in the neutral position and maintains a constant speed on a down-slope.

Beep! the sound is to warn the dangerous [abrupt] operation.

The Alert of Dangerous Operation

The device tells the operator that the operation is dangerous with buzzing sound, of abrupt “Sudden acceleration,” “Sudden deceleration,” “Sudden turning” while the machine is at the work. (the threshold can be adjustable.)
It is available to set the threshold individually for abrupt “acceleration/deceleration” and “turning.”


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