We are Forklift manufacturer established by the joint investment of Sumitomo Heavy lndustries, Ltd.and Hyster-Yale Materials Handling Inc. in USA as the world's top-ranked forklift manufacturer.

QuaPro - Engine powered Forklift truck


Powerful & Smooth

Property and equipment which realizes smooth load handling

The remarkably high efficient load handling will surely be achieved by the top class lift speed in this field. POWER & SPEED required in site. Low fuel cost & clean property required by management. QuaPro equipped with new type engine has been much more improved.

lifting speed
11FD20PAXIII25D(High power model)
Lowering speed
11FG20PAXIII25D(High power model)
>Powerful & Smooth
Diesel Engine

Engine settings have been optimized to maintain powerful, smooth acceleration capabilities while achieving high fuel efficiency and providing superb performance even in harsh real-world usage environments.

Petrol Engine
Gasoline Engine1
Gasoline Engine2

The K21 and K25 petrol engines offer high power, excellent responsiveness, and high fuel efficiency.

Load Sensing Steering System

LSS (Load sensing steering system) adjusts flow rate actively, corresponding to steering operation. Previously, fuel oil cost is improved by cutting power steering oil supply, except when it is required.

Extremely smooth turning property and knob gap controls.

1.5t truck has minimum turning radius of 1,960 mm, which is the top level turning radius of this class. Also, this truck is equipped with, as a standard, knob gap correcting function to correct in case that rear wheels steering angle and handle rotated position do not match.

Drive Axle & Rear Axle

Final gear, and axle ASSY which includes differential gear are fixed to frame with bolts. High strength is maintained by strong fixing structure. (left: Drive Axle)

Rubber mount having excellent durability is soft and support legs firmly. Rubber is also utilized for stoppers, thus improving stability during vehicle turning by mildly suppressing rocking motion of truck body during turning. (right : Rear Axle)


Established excellent operation performance.







Detailed Information

  1. The Parking Lever

    01 The Parking Lever

    The parking lever with the releasing button.

    The easy braking action is available with the shorter stroke brake. The extent of the pulling stroke can be adjusted by turning the knob.

  2. Shift Lever

    02 Shift Lever

    Equipped as standard with: the shift lever at left hand side, the turn signal lever with the light switch (with auto-canceling system at right hand side. The smooth change of forward and backward can be done. (can be changed to right hand side shift lever[shown on the left] Option )

  3. 03 Full liquid crystal display

    Full liquid crystal display

  4. Small Diameter Steering Wheel

    04 Small Diameter Steering Wheel

    By off setting the steering handle to the left hand side, the room for steering hand move gets smaller. By arranging so, materialized the agile operation and reducing fatigue factors according to the human engineering.

  5. 05 Inching pedal you can choose (1 & 2)

    For inching pedal to speed up load handling you can choose standard 2 pedal or 1 pedal which has a large step and can be operated, feeling like driving a car. The floor is a suspended type which makes the floor refreshing.


Maintenance ability which allows easy routine inspection

Maintenance ability




Detailed Information

  1. High-visibility wide mast enabling to see fork edge

    01 High-visibility wide mast enabling to see fork edge

    High reputation high-visibility wide mast. 2.5t model has wide effective sight of 420mm, which enables to clearly see fork edge (*) from lift-up position to lift-down position. (*in the case of standard 1,070 mm)

  2. 02Top Cover Option

    The top cover protecting the operator from the rain and tiny falling objects while having a good visibility of upper view.

  3. Easy maintenance

    03 Easy maintenance

    By employing full-open integrated hood, engine room routine maintenance is excellently easy. In addition, full access is possible by taking off rear panel.

DX Suspension Sheet
DX Suspension Sheet
150mm of seat sliding width
150mm of seat sliding width
Well fit comfortable seat

Deluxe suspension seat having established sitting feeling.The most suitable location can be selected, because both slide lengths and reclining angles are large. Suspension mechanism which is indispensable for the forklift equipped with tires which are required not to puncture has adjustment function to match operator’s body weight.

Body weight adjusting knob
Body weight adjusting knob


The Rear Assist Grip with the Horn Button Option
The operator could sound the horn safely even when backing the vehicle without handing off the steering handle and the grip.
The Rear Assist Grip with the Horn Button
Easy to getting on and off, that is, troubles to take a false step will be less.
Step is set at low location above ground level, and has wide space in the backward direction enough to step on easily when wearing safety shoes. Together with this, safety during getting on and off was improved by use of streamlined engine hood which largely mitigates troubles due to being scratched carelessly.
The Device Locking the travel as the Operator Leaves the Vehicle (Traveling Interlock)
The Device Locking the travel as the Operator Leaves the Vehicle(Traveling Interlock)

The Traveling interlock device automatically shuts off the running engine when the operator leaves the seat. Preventing a human error from happening, such as the operator accidentally steps on the accelerator. (Note: Does not mean the mechanical brake is automatically on. Suggesting to use the parking brake when to park the vehicle.)

The Device to Lock the Loading Move when the Operator Leaves the Sea
The Device to Lock the Loading Move when the Operator Leaves the Seat(Load handling Interlock)

Many accidents, as a matter of fact, being got caught in between the mast and the head guard happen when an operator stretches his/her body through the mast. The device prevents a human error from happening when the operator is not in the correct operating position by killing the loading lever function.

The light from SUMITOMO will change logistical sites.LED Light

The LED light, longer life and fewer consumption of power and no need to change the bulb. When compared, it excels the conventional standard light for better upper and lower lighting directions. Equipped with the light, higher stacking work becomes easier and safety aspect is improved.

It contributes to lowering total life range cost for no working loss time as needs no maintenance.

LED Light

The standardized lightLED Light

A Group of the LED Light with Longer Life Span.

Head light(4-LED type)

Head light(4-LED type)

LED rear combination light

LED rear combination lightLED roatating light


  • Petrol / LPG / Diesel
  • 1.5ton
  • 1.8ton
  • 2.0ton-compact
  • 2.0ton
  • 2.5ton
  • 3.0ton
  • 3.5ton