We are Forklift manufacturer established by the joint investment of Sumitomo Heavy lndustries, Ltd.and Hyster-Yale Materials Handling Inc. in USA as the world's top-ranked forklift manufacturer.

FB 3.5-4.0ton



Powerful, high-speed forklifts for efficient handling of large, heavy loads!

Rugged power, nimble footwork, and excellent controllability. Incorporating the latest in electronics technology, SUMITOMO's new range of 3.5-4.0 ton large electric forklifts can handle heavy loads and large, cumbersome good with ease and reliability.


Top class speed

High-performance motors installed for travel and goods handling, to boost operation efficiency and shift large, heavy loads smoothly and speedily.

Advantages of AC drive system

High energy-saving performance

All the braking energy generated when reducing speed, by releasing accelerator, applying brake, shifting levers, etc., as well as inertia in mast, is returned to the batteries for high energy efficiency.


  • Simple, robust structure

    Stator coil and rotor are only major components. Bearing only part that may require replacement.

  • Maximum torque is limited, reducing risk of overheating

    Thermo sensor reports stator coil temperature to control system, to protect motor from overheating. Transistors in the controller are similarly protected.

  • Large torque at high speed

    Large torque even in mid-to high-speed range allows good acceleration.

  • Large regenerative torque

    Large regenerative torque provides good maneuverability.


  • No F/R contactor or regenerative

    contactor required Crisp response, reduced maintenance, and less noise.

  • Regenerative braking throughout speed range

    Regenerative braking from zero to top speed improves drivability and recovers more energy.

  • Excellent control across speed range

    Consistently high controllability from low to High speed.


All the features needed for comfort on the job



Easy-to-read Multi-display screen

  • Display shows data according to vehicle status: speedometer and battery discharge indicator during travel, and digital clock and battery discharge indicator when stationary.

  • Operational data including several hour meters, travel distance, and charging time, are recorded for weekly periods.

  • Operator can select from 3 working modes: 'energy-saving' mode, mid-high power plus hyper mode, and 'my' mode, which allows operator to make own settings.

  • For security, password entry feature requires a numeric code to be input before the vehicle can be switched ON. Up to 10 codes can be pre-set.

  • Open step for easy access

    Wide, low for ready mounting / dismounting, despite the vehicle's large size.

  • Adjustabe seat

    Operator's seat slides forward / back for adjustment at the optimal position to keep operator free of fatigue over long stretches.

  • Tilt-adjustable steering wheel

    Steering wheel can be adjusted at the most comfortable angle for the operator.

  • Heavy-duty head guard

    Large, heavy-duty head guard keeps operator safe.

  • Auto power-OFF

    Power switches OFF automatically if the vehicle is not operated for more than 15 mins. Power is not wasted due to operator's oversight.

FB 3.5-4.0 ton

  • 3.5ton
  • 4.0ton